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Hey, its Ivey
Hey, it's Ivey.
Firstly, we wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your support, for your time, for your love and for your patience. The past two years have been ones of immense growth and change for us as a band, and we're super excited to finally give you love + miscellanea.
As the world moves more and more online we thought the best way to display our art and connect with you, whether you are friend, family or fan - would be through our own digital, interactive world.
Here you will be able to listen to the EP from start to finish (hopefully Talk Talk is playing just about now) - while exploring artwork, lyrical concepts, videos, photos and more. 
We wanted to make this something fun - because although we often find ourselves making extremely serious music, you will often find us laughing and calling each-other f**kwits while we do it. 
We hope you have fun, discover something new and enjoy your time in love +
Thank you again,
- Ivey


Don't forget, this symbol:                  is your guide, and will take you through 

It will allow you to jump to each new section, skip and move through the world at your own pace.




Love + miscellanea explores the stages of a romantic relationship. Each song came from a different place in time and from our seperate experiences. Once we aligned the songs we realised that our individual stories were actually piecing together a timeline in which a single relationship begins, flourishes and eventually falls apart. 


Each song for this body of work has been released in chronological order beginning with Bodies in June 2019 to the final single I Hate U in October 2020. 

Hover over each artwork to reveal more information.


Bodies - explores sexuality and what defines a relationship to an individual. It delves into curious nature of love.


Talk talk,

Tells the story of the first glimmer of a relationship, the initial contact, rush of feelings, the urge of connection.

IVEY_Scream Final 3000.jpg

Scream - talks about the dark side of mental health, and how in order to love someone else you must also love yourself.

IVEY_Midnight Artwork_1440.png

Midnight - gives an insight into intimacy, sex and attraction.  

IVEY_Valentine Artwork 1440.jpg

Valentine - explores the conflicting expectations of a relationship. When right and wrong are blurred by biased opinions.

IVEY_Fall Apart Artwork_1440.jpg

Fall Apart - is the immediate impact of a relationship coming to an end.




I hate u - deals with the loss, resentment and loneliness of heartbreak but also the freedom of individuality.



Alternatively, we chose to order the songs differently on the track-list of love+miscellanea. Instead of telling a lyrical story we wanted to take the listener on a sonic journey. We felt in this order, each song complimented each-other instrumentally and the soundscape of the EP flowed and became cohesive. Below you will find the lyrics for each song, with the songs laid out in their sonic order.

Picked you up on the west side 

Lights beaming through night 

Like the bright in your eyes


See we jumped in the fast seat

Your arms around me

I didn’t know that we would be spending such time


Together on our own now

Is it like the times before

Or could you be my anecdote now

Could you be my anecdote


Baby when you talk like that

I want to get to know you 

Baby when you talk like that 

My eyes they close but my head it wonders 

Baby when you talk like that 

I could be the one could you be the other 

Baby when you talk like that 


I feel that I felt you

The way you felt me

It’s funny

But you caught me 

Together on our own now

Is it like the times before

Or could you be my anecdote now

Could you be my anecdote


Baby when you talk like that

I want to get to know you 

Baby when you talk like that 

My eyes they close but my head it wonders 

Baby when you talk like that 

I could be the one could you be the other 

Baby when you talk like that 

IVEY_Valentine Artwork 1440.jpg
IVEY_Fall Apart Artwork_1440.jpg


Throughout the past two years, we have been working with graphic design artist Ellen Swadling to create the artwork for each single + the final artwork for the love + miscellanea  EP.

You can see above the cohesion of the single artworks - the same text, the same border, the same placements + the use of Millie or Lachie's bodies.

However when constructing the final EP artwork we wanted to create something that was both cohesive of the singles and stood apart on its own.

To do this we asked Ellen to use each colour from the single releases and blend them into a still from the Midnight film clip. 


To the left was the 'rough idea' we gave Ellen, and below are the concept designs and final forms of the artwork. 



Take a deeper dive into some of the lyrics from love + miscellanea. Here Lachie takes you through the intimate moments and memories behind each song.


Hover over the lyrics to reveal a connected story told by Lachie. 


My love

Is waiting for me

She takes every breath 

I can breathe


His kiss it holds on to me

He drowns my heart in his see

Bodies is a huge reflection on love and what love means.

The verses reflect on my own sexual curiosity, I've had moments where I've been like 

"I wonder if I'm not just into girls" 

"I wonder if I'm polyamorous"

"I wonder if I'd like an open relationship"

In the end there's no definitive conclusion to the song and no definitive conclusion to my curiosity, and I don't think there has to be one. 



Picked you up on the westside

Lights beaming through the night

Like the bright in your eyes

I wrote this verse about my first date with my current girlfriend - the date was over 3 years ago. She literally lives on the west-side of the Gold Coast and I was picking her up to take her out to dinner. She lives on a huge property and I remember missing her concealed driveway about four times.

I didn't know that we would be spending

Such time

Together on our own now

Is it like the time before

Or could you be my anecdote now

Could you be my anecdote

This whole song relates to that fateful first date with my now current girlfriend. How I was feeling and coping with it all.

My previous relationship had been toxic and these lines are me questioning if it's just going to be a repeat of the last one. (Can confirm it's definitely not!)

The line "could you be my anecdote" is asking "are you going to be another story, another past memory" 

Scream Deep


Sometimes I wanna die

It's alright, I'm fine

Just keep it coming

Around the same time Bodies was completed I began spiralling into a huge anxious state which lasted over 8 months. I had huge intrusive and obsessive thoughts about my identity - I constantly worried about my sexuality, my career in music and my life as a whole, to a point where I had suicidal thoughts. 

At the time I was doing too many drugs, not taking care of my body and continued to say no to therapy. 

Scream was written right in the middle of this state. Just before I started therapy. Which honest to god saved my life.

But I'm drenched in ruby's I won't quit

Use the sun to light my cigarette

I'm a Leo, and I'm kinda transfixed on the idea that a Lion is my star sign. Like that's pretty cool yeah?

This pre-chorus of Scream is saying "no matter what I'm not going to give up, no matter how shit it gets".

Drenched in ruby's relates to the Leo birthstone Ruby

And the sun is a Leo's planet

Even though I'm not super into star signs -  These lines are giving myself that optimistic, in your face energy to deal with a personal crisis.

Valentine Deep


Followed you down

To your house

Where nobody

Was around

I wrote this song about my long-ago ex girlfriend and our toxic relationship. I don't why but this specific line sticks out to me.

I remember going to her house, and her dad worked away from home.

I remember he didn't even know I existed for a long while, she didn't even tell him we were dating.

And for a person who has a close family it was so strange and foreign to me.

Midnigh Deep


I'm hugging you from the front

But I'm seeing you from behind 

Low light 

Dirt mind

A bit NSFW,

But I remember a specific intimate moment I had with my girlfriend and these lines literally spilled out of my mouth.

The rest of midnight is very, very self explanatory - it's about having a lot of sex.



Bury all your secrets in the ground

Tie your friends in webs and keep them bound

Only when you tripped did you make a sound

This whole section of Fall Apart is a metaphor. I especially like the part where it says "only when you tripped did you make a sound" because it's so relevant to the personal experiences of myself, Millie and Dante. You don't see the toxicity in someone until they make a mistake they can't hide.

It's a pretty nauseating feeling when you realise someones been feeding you lies for a long time. 

You're not supposed to break my heart

I guess you don't know no better

Obviously one of the most repeated lines of the entire song. But I really enjoy it for that. I'm not sure which one of us wrote this line actually! 

Of course no one is really meant to break your heart,

But it really brings me back to that absolute desperation when a relationship is ending and you can't just help but think

"I thought ____ was really the one"



Hear me out I know I've said a thousands words

I'm not messing 'round

I can't lie

I honestly don't know what's going on in my mind

Most of the lyrics of I hate you are actually a poem that Millie sent me in very early 2018. I think I just sat there with her page of words and discovered this story she was telling about her past relationship.

This song is really special, because up until this point Millie had always been very private about her thoughts and this was definitely letting the barrier down.

Come back to me 

I hate you

I miss you

Can't you tell by this love

We ended up finishing the writing process of I hate u in November of 2018 with a writer called PJ Harding. He works a lot with Ruel, Jessica Mauboy, Kira Puru and it was our first propper session with someone outside our band.

The original demo for this song had words everywhere and distinctive memory of mine is PJ going

"Just take some words out and let it breathe" (or something along those lines) - which definitely has stuck with us to this day.

I think we learnt a lot in such a small amount of time with PJ, he's amazing. 



Welcome to our memories, our camera rolls, parts of our lives not too many people have seen. Feel free to leisurely scroll, or use the arrows to skip down to the next section.

Mems 1/2
Memories 2/2


We all took a quick second to reflect on the record and the past two years we've had as band. Kinda cute xoxo



Well damn - It's actually out! This has been in the works for that long, and it almost felt like we would never get here. I'm so excited that 'love & miscellanea' is finally out for you to hear, cry to, dance to, sing to and completely embrace. To anyone who has been in love, had their heartbroken or broken hearts. This is a big thank you and fuck you to our ex's. Dance your lil hearts out - Millie x


This EP has been two years in the making and it’s been so rewarding watching us all grow as artists and people during that time. We took a risk and decided to basically restart our sound but I know we all are much happier with our creative process and our output. I’m so proud the band and the collaborative nature in which we worked. There are stories from all of us which made this EP what it is and now we share it with you to relate, dance and interpret however you see fit.

Dante xoxo


BOOM! It’s out!! So so happy to have Love & Miscellanea out in the big world for y’all to enjoy and to find some happiness from! This one is very special to me personally as it highlights a new chapter in our journey as a band, making music we love and figuring life out on the way! We have all worked super super hard and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

- Riley


I'm so proud of everyone to be honest. This EP has been the culmination of so much hard work and dedication but also came with lots of downs and tough moments. I think, especially in the past few months we've become closer than ever before, and this EP really showcases what we're able to achieve together. I always forget that it's unusual to be in a band, and even more unusual to be in a band where five people input so much creativity and all have an equal say in what goes on, and the fact that we can work together and create these pieces of music and art that we're proud of is so dope.

I hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed making it.

Lachie <3 


Love & Miscellanea feels like the growth of not only myself but also the whole band. The process felt like a lifetime of work to put together pieces of broken relationships & learning new things about one another. I hope people can interpret it in a way that they can feel something meaningful - but enjoy the fun, stupid side that we all have.

Matt xx



Before you continue on to explore more of we wanted to thank those who have shaped, helped, loved and supported us on our journey so far.

Firstly we'd like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we wrote and recorded a vast majority of this EP - We acknowledge and pay respect to the land and the traditional families of the Yugambeh region of South East Queensland, including the Kombumerri, Mununjali, Wangerriburra and others, and their Elders past, present and emerging.

Thank you, 

To the McGuffie, Cunliffe-Martin, Perks and Smith families. Thank you for dealing with us, thank you for loving us and thank you for supporting our dreams.

To Adam, thank you for everything, the driving, the support, the passion and the patience.

To our partners, we love you, thank you for being cool with touring and loads of other crazy band shit.

To Kurt, Ash, Nick and Kris. Thank you for believing in us even when we didn't. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and trust. 

To Dom Gould. Thank you for the countless hours you have put into our band. The videos, the photos, the editing and the ideas. So much has come to life because of you and we couldn't be more grateful for you, not only as a colleague but as a close friend.

To Konstantin Kersting, you are a leader in your field. Your production and mixing has given our music fresh life and you are testament to hard work and dedication. Thank you for always believing in us and never giving up on our vision.

To Sam Wald, thank you for taking a chance on us.

To Ellen, thank you for your vision and for your patience with all the artwork.

To all of our friends (you know who you are) - thank you for your constant support, love and generosity. Thank you for showing up when no one else did and thank you for being so kind.

To Lachie Jones, thank for encouraging us from the very beginning, we love you.

To our fans, fresh or years-old, we thank you from the bottom of our very heart. We would be absolutely fucking nothing without you.

- Millie, Lachie, Dante, Matt  + Riley


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The choice is yours.

The tear drop symbol you see to your right is your return to Focus. Click it, and it will take you back here, where you can choose again from the Listen, Central Station or Re-visit options.

Thank you for everything

- Ivey








Central Station will take you to four unique destinations outlined below

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Click on any four to immerse yourself even more into the stories behind love + miscellanea. 

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