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Here you can listen to the earliest versions (we could find) of each song off love+miscellanea.  Hover over the track names to discover more information.


I Hate U  - (Demo -  November 2018)

I Hate U - is the last song to be released on the EP but the first song that was written for it. The earliest demo was recorded Aug-Sep of 2018 before it was again revisited in November in a writing session we had with singer/songwriter Thief. I Hate U was originally titled "Come Back" 

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Talk Talk  - (Demo - November 2018)

Talk Talk was the first song that took us into a new sonic direction. It was the first Ivey song we wrote that wasn't completely guitar driven. You can hear in the demo how our knowledge of samples and even production was still limited at this stage. It's a nice feeling knowing that we've progressed both as people but as producers and songwriters.

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Bodies - (Demo - December 2018)

You can hear the distinct difference between the Bodies demo and the final version. This is thanks to the genius behind Konstantin Kersting who produced nearly all of the song on love+miscellanea. He pitched us the idea to make Bodies into more of a "dance anthem". We loved it, and it changed the way we created songs completely, we didn't realise we could create dance music like this and it put us on the sonic path that we always wanted to be on, but just couldn't find. 

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Scream - (Demo - June 2019)

We had this one day where Riley, Matt and Millie were upstairs and Dante and Lachie were downstairs at the McGuffie family home. Riley, Millie and Matt were finishing up the Valentine demo and Dante and Lachie were starting the Scream demo. That was a very productive day. 

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Valentine - (Demo - July 2019)

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Valentine probably took the longest from start to finish. The original idea started with the bass line you hear in the chorus, written between Jan-Apr of 2019. The demo had four renditions before Lachie started singing the lines "Can you be my Valentine" sometime in early July. 

Midnight - (Demo - July 2019)

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Midnight - was originally titled Midnite, we're not quite sure why, maybe we thought it was cool? This demo was probably the demo that changed the least, we had such a strong vision for the song right from the beginning.

Fall Apart - (Demo - January 2020)

Fall Apart wasn't originally intended to be on love + miscellanea. It was actually in amongst a batch of much newer demos! But our managers Kurt and Ash really loved it and wanted us to push ourselves in doing the recording and production ourselves at home. We had never attempted anything of such before so it was a huge challenge for us, but something we're extremely proud of. 

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